Roof Repair

Waikato’s specialist roof maintenance and roof repair company

Formula Roof Coatings is the specialist company to call when it comes to roof repairs and keeping Waikato’s roofs looking great. We can repair your concrete, clay, iron or decramastic tile roof using our proven systems.

Roof repairs and maintenance services we provide:

  • Roof leak repairs
  • Broken tile replacements
  • Moss and lichen treatments
  • Valley tray replacements
  • Decramastic dent removal and tile replacement
  • Re-pointing of existing ridge caps
  • Gutter clearing and leak repairs
  • Replacement of rusted roofing iron
  • Replacement of old roof nails with tek screws
Why does your roof require regular maintenance and repair?

  • Broken tiles can cause leaks resulting in ceiling and carpet damage
  • Cracked ridge pointing can result in loose ridge caps and leaks
  • Rust on iron can spread and lead to requiring a full roof replacement
  • Old lead head nails loose there heads, the nail is then left exposed and will rust and no longer seal to the roof surface

Call Formula Roof Coatings for a free appraisal on repairing and extending the life of your roof.

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